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The League Ambassadors are fans. Fans of sport. Particularly, football (the American kind), basketball, baseball and boxing. We are fans because we’ve played, coached and watched these sports for as long as we can remember. We are fans because our favorite franchises have been dominant dynasties and underdog overachievers. We are fans because competitive sports provides the perfect canvas for meaningful life lessons.

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Calling all diplomats (aka real sports fans)…..Diplomatic Immunity is the place to let your voice be heard. If you love to write about sports and have something meaningful to say, let The League Ambassadors be your MEGAphone and publish your work on the HOMEPAGE of our website theleagueam.com. You’ll get all the credit and promotion from TLA.  More importantly, you get to have an outlet to share your perspective on whatever is going on in the world of Sports.

The League Ambassadors are fans first and as part of our mission to develop REAL fans globally, we are calling on diplomats who want to help us in that mission. So do you…. Have a hot take on a subject that you wish was being talked about everywhere? Diplomatic Immunity is the place for you. Want to polish up your sports writing skills for your future career as a sports reporter? Diplomatic Immunity is the place for you. Are you a super sports enthusiast who has something to say? Diplomatic Immunity is the place for you.

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