Springing Into It!

Aaahhhhhh the end of March…. Birds chirping, flowers blooming, rain falling, spring springing & SPORTS ON FULL OVERLOAD!!!……Right now may be one of the most action packed times of the year in the world of sports, we have March Madness, now narrowed down to the Final Four & we just witnessed a great Elite 8 over this past weekend. North Carolina – Kentucky was an Instant Classic & Oregon, Gonzaga & South Carolina are all so called “Cinderellas” if you will, or new to playing this time of year. It should be a great Final Four.
The NBA is also heating up down the stretch & many teams are still battling for positioning,​ in what is sure to be a great NBA Playoffs. My Wizards are making some definite noise & may be a real threat in the Eastern Conference to dethrone the Defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.
The NHL is heating up as well & also coming down the stretch run for the Playoffs as the intensity peaks & the physicality is taken to the next level. The Defending Champion Pittsburgh Penguins will try to defend their crown, while my Washington Capitals have been cruising all year, but still need to get over the Playoff hump & finally make it to the Finals.
The NFL has made alot of noise even in the offseason, as the free agency period has started & the offseason is pretty much over. We now have free agency & trades, as well as roster cuts & releases as teams play w/ their money so to speak & trim down some unwanted salaries, while bringing in new players (free agents) my Baltimore Ravens have already been extremely active in free agency & have brought in some big names to try to get back to the Playoffs for the first time in 2 years. We also have the NFL Draft to look forward to soon.
The MLB season will be starting soon & we just witnessed an epic World Baseball Classic, as the U.S. brought home the Trophy. My Baltimore Orioles will be looking to compete for a Playoff spot once again, while also trying to win the AL East for the first time since 2014. The O’s were beat on a walk off 3-run shot in October, as their season ended in Toronto, but Baltimore will look to come back strong in 2017. The Defending Champion Chicago Cubs will look to get back to the World Series, after winning a title for the first time since 1908. Baseball will be back in a week & take over until the fall when the NFL comes back.
March Madness, NBA, NHL, NFL & the MLB.
March is every sports fans dream month, now we can just sit back & soak it all in …….#SportsOverload #DiplomaticImmunity 🏈🏉🏀⚾⚽🎱🎳🎾🏅🏏🏑🏒🏓🎿🎽🎣⛸🏌⛳