She is… The Football Diva

There is something to be said for a Woman who has an appreciation for Sports… Although it is rare, she is valued in a regard that some would say is bigger than any other item a man is looking for in his dream girl.

My sports love affair came at the tender age of 2. My dad and his buddies would get together on Sundays with Beers, Burgers and the Boob Tube as some would refer as the TV.  During this time, I was in the midst of Potty Training and nothing is worse for a Football Fan than to miss a big play for a bathroom break, especially for your 2 year old daughter. So through innovation and the Dad Handbook,  he placed my potty seat in front of the television and from there I was hooked.

With a Onesie on, Juice Cup in hand, Pig tails up top and lungs that screamed through Gardena, I became a Football Fan.

From that tender age until now, The countdown to a Football Sunday is always on my mind. Even today with less than a month from Draft Day, I live, breathe and worship the game.

The game of Football has the natural power to bring forth comradery that in today’s times is needed more than anything… And although like Ambassador Ken I have no team, my love for the game is tried and true.

I am the Football Diva.