The Season is Here!!

The 2017 MLB Season is officially here, so now we will be fully entertained for the next 162 Games, unless your team played today or unless you just ain’t a Baseball fan…..But hey, who am I to judge you. Baseball is actually a great game, it’s a game that is like no other. You gotta think ahead all the time, you gotta have good pitching & good managing. You gotta be able to manufacture runs & play different Defensive positions. Baseball is the beginning of Spring & the beginning of the warm weather, the Heat of the Summer, the Intensity of September & the Chill of October. Baseball is America, Baseball is Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan & Bo Jackson playing 2 Sports – All Black Athletes, who all played in the NFL , but happened to the love of the game. Baseball is Pure. Baseball is what gets us all through the Summer & into the Fall for Football season. Baseball is No Hitters & Extra Innings, Pitching Duels & Slugfests, Homeruns & Walk Offs, Passion & Heartbreak. Baseball will give you everything you need in life. Hell, you can rake leaves or work on your car while listening to Baseball on your radio. You can follow your teams through your teams app & you don’t need to even watch on TV anymore. Let’s get ready for a 162 games of up & down emotion!! From Memorial Day, Pool Parties, Beer, BBQ’s, Beaches, Fourth of July, Summer Fun, Amusement​ Parks, Labor Day & all the way to October, let’s all enjoy the upcoming season y’all!! We all feel like we have a chance, see that’s the difference between Baseball & other sports…..Anyone has a shot!! We had 3 Games today & we have a full slate tomorrow. The time is now! Baseball is upon us AGAIN!!

Good Luck to everyone​ & their teams!! The 2017 Season starts now!! GO O’S!! ⚾⚾⚾ #MLBOpeningDay