I have a tremendous love for sports. It was in me very early. Instilled into my core, I played baseball, football, volleyball, soccer & even swimming. I needed an outlet for my emotions & I needed a way to feel free. I used sports. My sister played sports too. We all did. I stumbled upon this page by word of mouth, I am going to use it to put my thoughts about the show you guys do and the way you do it. I think it’s great, I like all the Ambassador’s and I think you guys do a great job. I want to coach soon, as I have been using my love for sports as a way to give back to the youth and show a family type of bond that you get with sports. I have noticed Diplomat Blackmon’s writing about his team’s and I wanted to chime in with a post or two as well. I hope this makes it on the page, as I would like to see my writing put to good use. Thank you so much.

– Paul