I think the show is going great. You guys keep up the good work. My favorite Ambassador is Omar (Red-O) he strikes me as a guy who pulls no punches. He says what he feels and I like that. Also Kenyon is a great host. Last week I recently played soccer and swam laps at my local indoor pool. Summertime is coming, and that means outdoor pool time. Also it means Barbecue & Babes. How about some baseball & hiking? Has anyone ever played softball? How about badminton? These are all summer activities or sports too. I also love to go to water parks, since we don’t have any beaches here in Minnesota. Have any of the Ambassador’s ever surfed? I bet Omar has! Surfing is fun too, but I always fall off the board. I have been to a few beaches around the country. Anyway guys, hey keep up the good work. Summer is here now.