It’s been a little while, but I’m back to say hi & write some more to you guys.
As an aspiring coach I would love to see how the coaches analyze & view their talent. How they decide what motivates what player and how to get through to certain players. How to coach kids as well and not hurt their feelings. As a kid I always had good coaches and felt supported. I think it is very important to support but also criticize as well. Don’t be mean or hurt these kids feelings but be nice also teaching them how to play well other kids. How do you find the fine line in-between tough and too tough. I want to be a players coach. I have experience in numerous sports so I am well rounded or I consider myself to be. I like football and soccer but I really think I want to coach baseball. How would I respond to coaching girls or women’s sports as well? I like to watch coaches at different levels and see those coaches styles and how they manage it. I just thought I would write to you guys and drop some thoughts down. I bet Omar would be a great coach. He seems to know alot. When I get a coaching job I will tell all about it.

– Paul