My Solitude

This time of year I think of one of my favorite Billie Holiday songs titled “In my Solitude”.

It usually starts with the end of NBA Finals. I take a complete break (almost) from sports. While I have kept my eye on my Nationals, everything else sports related (fantasy or otherwise) I’ve just had a “meh” attitude it. Kyrie. Meh. Summer NBA basketball. Meh. All the major sport drafts…well you get the ideal. I haven’t even clicked to the NFL network this summer. This is the time where I put down the remote and slowly back away.

If I could, I would go to some far off piece of land where I couldn’t be contacted and just get a little peace and quiet. A monastery where I could chant every day would be ideal. But I’m afraid that I may like it a little too much.

But as one of my favorite Law & Order detectives said, “…lets not get carried away.”

I’ve replaced chanting with mock drafts. Replaced solitude and peace with draft parties, football parties and wait for it, more parties. I’ve started my fantasy football research and gearing up for the Nationals playoff run. In other words I’m ready. Ready to defend my football title in one league, manage my own league (which is entering it’s 22nd year of existence) in another and get back into the overall general madness that is sports.

Like I always say, it’s a hobby.
– BreezyG