Hey guys, I’m back. It’s been awhile I guess huh? Fall is coming soon as the Summer ends, I remember back in the Spring i wrote you guys how I was looking forward to the Summer, well I am a man of many likes and preferences and as much as I love the Summer, I also love the Fall. We have football starting, then the leaves will start to change as the air cools down, college football is starting as well and I’d like to know who you guys like this year in the NCAA. The NFL should be very exciting, and we also have the Fall Classic, which is the World Series coming up as Baseball starts it’s Playoffs, I know Diplomat Blackmon knows alot about what’s going on there. I like the new show, I also like Omar’s new song, he’s a regular entrepreneur. I look forward to watching the shows and keeping up writing you guys. Well, I’ll check back after Baseball. Until next time guys.