The Offseason

It’s that time again y’all, the time of year where football is finished, baseball is getting ready to start up & basketball & hockey are the main attraction. NFL free agency will start soon, we have the NBA All-Star Game here in L.A.despite a ton of injuries to team LeBron. It is all about Conference Play now in College Basketball.
I’m still pissed that the Ravens fucked that money all up & lost to Cincinnati in Week 17, they could of went all the way to the AFC Championship Game, they are 2-2 in New England in the Playoffs & i feel could of done some damage this year as well. Instead, we were sitting home for the Playoffs to ponder what could have been. This is 3 years in a row now w/ no Playoffs in Baltimore, that doesn’t sit well in Charm City. Now the focus shifts to the Maryland Terps, as they cling to their NCAA Tournament hopes. The Turtles are currently on the bubble after facing the brunt of their Big Ten schedule, they are currently 17-10 & 9th in the Big 10. The NFL offseason brings plenty of anticipation, as we look forward to NFL free agency & the NFL Draft, the Ravens really need to hit on this draft, their future is not in free agency. So now we wait & see what this organization has up their sleeve. Ozzie Newsome has announced that this will be his last year, i have a feeling he makes a splash in free agency, despite our money situation. Manny Machado is a whole different story, he may only play for the Orioles for one more season! I need to see some go hard from the Terps, some moves from the O’s & some urgency from the Ravens. We all in this together Baltimore, we need relevancy. Wizards, y’all gotta step your game up too! Let’s see what this Offseason brings, i’m just waiting for Opening Day!