Fall Is Coming

Hey guys have you missed me? I have been busy all summer but now i am back and ready for football season! Summer was great so far……NBA Playoffs, World Cup, MLB and now NFL is coming soon! Are you guys ready? I know Omar is…….i have been watching the show and paying attention to you guys. I really liked Chief Diplomat Blackmon’s appearance, the World Cup ladies and the other guests that have appeared. It was so cool to see other people on the show and interacting in the same way, hey maybe 1 day i can come on the show guys!? I’d love to meet Omar in person! I love how far you guys have come, it’s time for 32 Kings Road soon, we have a great fall schedule coming up and it’s going to be great!
Sorry i was gone for so long but it’s been a long, hot summer here in Minnesota. Keep up the good work guys!
I can’t wait to see what is in store for this fall.

– Paul