The Return Of Boy Wonder

Luck has gone through hardships in his early career with lack of talent on the roster. Without him, the Colts would’ve been a laughing stock in the NFL in his early years. It all came down to getting the right GM for the job to come in and change not only the culture ,but the roster and the way rival teams view the Indianapolis Colts as a football franchise to better help Luck. Building the offensive line and finally getting it right after all those years of whiffs on draft night, getting younger and faster on defense, getting the best coaches, getting difference-makers on offense on and off the field, being versatile throughout the roster, which i believe is key for making this roster the best Luck has had in his short career.

Ballard wants the roster to be deep..deep to the point that the best players they cut are being signed by someone else immediately..He’s said that’s how he wants to get the roster, and Ballard believes it is almost there.


–  Mike Nickelz