All-Star Fever

It’s that time of year again. The MLB All-Star Game is back & the mid-summer classic comes to you this year from Cleveland. It’s always a fan friendly event that provides us all w/ one night of pure love of the game & puts our national past time on full display. No matter if you watch baseball or not, this game brings out the best players on 1 stage for the whole world to see. Baseball is summer through & through & the All-Star Game is the games way to give us all a great summer night. Packed w/ tons of stars & young talent, The MLB puts it all together for 1 night, as well as a whole weekend full of events including the famous homerun derby. As a kid, the All-Star game was everything, we all wanted to play baseball but everyone wanted to be an All-Star too. This is where some of those kids ended up, right here under the bright lights for 1 night, playing along some of their peers for the American or National League. Baseball is great but the MLB All-Star Game is true joy for hardcore baseball fans like myself.
Let’s all sit back & enjoy the 90th MLB All-Star Game.