Punched In The Mouth

Sunday is a real reminder of why you don’t assume anything in the NFL. On paper, the home team looked like they was solid and they way the Browns had been playing looked like an easy lay up but ooohh low and behold the Dawg Pound was anything but easy… Baltimore simply put got punched in the mouth and got their lunch took on their playground Chubb gashed the mighty Ravens defense for 88 yards untouched, and nobody seemed to have a real answer for Landry…Once again simply put….The Ravens aren’t who we thought they were 🧐….Baltimore’s culture as having a tough, hard-nosed defense didn’t exist Sunday…..against high-powered offenses in Weeks 3 and 4, and that Ravens defense has allowed 300 plus yard passers in three consecutive games, as well as allowing Nicky Chubb to put up 162-yards….yeah I know I sound like a hater but I’m not I’m just a critic who simply doesn’t believe….Since we are on the subject of believing…I just don’t believe that Ravens defense is anywhere close as good this year as they were last year 🤔… furthermore..Defensive backs..Tony Jefferson, Brandon Carr,  Anthony Averett and key vetern signing Earl Thomas has been up-and-down aka hit and miss… Baltimore’s linebacker play..gimmie ah break they’ve been inconsistent(and that’s me being nice) not to mention…Chris Wormley & Brandon Williams hasn’t helped with that pass rush Baltimore is ever so famous for, Baltimore may be in trouble defensively.
– Mike Nickelz