No Surrender No Retreat


It’s gonna be a hostile environment tommorow, the 12th man in Seattle!! Lamar’s first game up there & Russell Wilson is playing lights out right now.
Most of the pundits say we’re walking into an ambush!! Most people saying that we don’t have a chance to win this game. THEY ALREADY COUNTED US OUT!! THEY SAYING WE’RE NOT READY TO WIN UP THERE!! We know who we are though!! We got the perfect recipe for snatching one from them.
RUN THE FOOTBALL!! SMASHMOUTH!! They aren’t that stout up front!! We can exploit it. They got weaknesses too!! WHEN YOU GO INTO THE LIONS DEN YOU GO IN SCREAMING LIKE A BANSHEE!! We don’t play scared!! THEN LET’S FUCKING GOOOOO!!! Time to put your hard hats on for real!! Earl coming back to his old stomping grounds & we gotta ball for him!! Marcus P making his Ravens debut!! Get the fuck outta the way!! Time to show em how physical we are!! KEEP DOUBTING US & WE GONNA KEEP SHINING!!
See you tommorow!!