AFC Divisional Round – Ravens Recap & Grades

Titans 28, Ravens 12 : AFC Divisional Round Recap & Grades :
Offense – This group ran it better than anybody all season & chose to hand it off 9 times in the biggest game of the year. Lamar Jackson leads the way w/ 20 carries for 143 yards, an average of 7.2 yards per carry.
Grade : D
Defense – This unit held up until it couldn’t hold up anymore, numerous opportunities inside the 50 yard line just doomed things, despite them giving it all they had, the were not able to overcome the short field position.
Grade : B-
Special Teams – Justin Tucker hits on both of his FG attempts & despite P Sam Koch only punting it 1 time for 44 yards, this group failed as well as the rest.
Grade : B
Coaching – This is where the issue lies, running the football only 9 times in a Playoff game, after running it better than anybody all season long makes no sense to anyone. Horrible coaching job & horrible strategy. The coaches are accountable here.
Grade : D
Overall Grade : D