The Return Of *Sports

Well, due to the Coronavirus outbreak & current Pandemic, that has now been going on for over 4 long months, we witnessed something that we may never witness again. When sports completely stopped.

No March Madness. No NBA. No NHL. No PGA tour. No NOTHING!
We were all forced to seek out other areas of entertainment as we patiently waited on their returns. All leagues were shut down as athletes from all different sports tested positive, or had family affected by it in some way shape or form. This virus has showed no discrimination in attacking anyone it can along the way, and athletes, owners & front office executives are no different. From Utah Jazz C Rudy Gobert to Arizona Cardinals owner Michaell Bidwill, it spread like a wildfire all across the land of sports & entertainment. People from all walks of life have been affected, and of all different ages. This has forced the world to temporarily shut down little by little and even though parts of the world have picked back up again, the United States continues to get hit hard, which has affected the sports world tremendously. Now, after 4+ months sports will resume this evening as major league baseball becomes the 1st of the major 4 sports to resume play. It will start it’s 2020 season tonight in what will be the most surreal, and weirdest Opening Day ever, in a season which will now be only 60 games, and very quiet due to having no fans. The NBA season will RESUME on July 30th, picking up where it left off in March, and the NHL will follow suit on August 1st. The NFL has canceled all it’s Preseason games and will begin it’s season in September as of now. Sports like Nascar & Golf, and Soccer have already resumed.

All that being said, it has been a LONG time, and we definitely took sports for granted, although I myself did not. This is only the second article i have written since the stoppage of sports, and the start of the Pandemic. Partly because I had prepared myself for this moment, unlike this country who was not ready for COVID-19. I used to always think “what would happen, if one day sports came to a stop, or was NO MORE?’ Well, my thoughts became reality in March & immediately focused my mind on other things in my life.

It gave me a break from writing, from coverage, and from being consumed. It gave me different outlets to focus on as well as the sports world, and showed me, and the rest of the world that just because sports stops, life does not. Family, Finances, Entertainment, Quiet time, Reflection, Music, Finding other ways to occupy your time, and even starting new hobbies or working on your were all being done. I am NOT A FAN of sports coming back. I think the NBA needs to just wait and come back in the winter. Playing in a bubble, isolation, players testing positive, only 22 teams, no fans anywhere? Baseball should also pack it up & pack it in. 60 games, no fans, some teams having to play on the road all season? Players testing positive all season. The NHL? No fans there either. Positive tests? I mean i could go on & on.

Just come back next year. All of them need to chalk it up & wait until things calm down. All this chopped up & half ass attempt to bring sports back is not the way to go. I will have a hard time cheering for my Orioles & if my Ravens have a 8 or 10 game season, then it’s no point having one at all. Any team who wins a ring this year can hoist that trophy but I can’t lie, and say it will feel like the others. This whole thing makes me sick, and quite frankly, i have already lost interest. There is only 1 reason sports is attempting to restart…….MONEY!! ALL OF IT NEEDS AN ASTERISK!! Fuck COVID-19! Give us our REAL sports back!! No Asterisks!!