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The Indianapolis Colts Prepare for the 2023 NFL Draft: What Should GM Chris Ballard Do?

Owner Jim Irsay, general manager Chris Ballard & The Indianapolis Colts are gearing up for the 2023 NFL Draft, and General Manager Chris Ballard(who’s in his 7th year as GM) has some very important decisions to make(Ones that if he fails could land him in the unemployment line) After a terrible season(and that’s me being nice) in 2022, the Indianapolis Colts are looking to rebuild and improve the roster for the upcoming season.

One of the biggest decisions that Ballard will need to make is who will be the future QB and Matt Ryan’s successor. The Colts have several areas of need, with the QB1 position obviously being the most important, which includes offensive line, wide receiver, defensive back & edge rusher, it is vital that Chris Ballard and his team of area scouts carefully evaluate the available talent in the 2023 NFL Draft and determine which players will best fit the team’s needs & show the most upside for success at the next level.

Another key consideration for Ballard will be how to best utilize the team’s draft picks. The Indianapolis Colts currently have the 4th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2023 NFL Draft as well as several other picks (9 total) in later rounds. Ballard will need to decide whether to use these picks to target specific players or to trade them for additional picks(if your a Colts fan you should know by now Ballard loves his picks) in future drafts.

One strategy that Ballard could consider is trading back(Why he would do this I don’t know, I’m just a fan with a certain perspective and a opinion) in the draft to acquire additional picks. This would allow the team to address multiple areas of need and build depth on the roster. However, it would also mean that Ballard could possibly miss out on drafting his guy with that 4th overall pick.

Ultimately, Ballard’s goal should be to have the best draft possible (yes even better than his stellar 2018 draft which featured the likes of all pro players like OG Quentin Nelson, LB SHAQ Leonard & OT Braden Smith) and set the Colts up for success for this upcoming season and many more seasons to come. He will need to balance the team’s immediate needs and align them with the teams long-term goals, and make strategic decisions that will help the team compete in a now competitive AFC South.

As the draft approaches, Colts fans will be eagerly watching to see which players Ballard will select and how he builds the team for the future.