The League Ambassadors Presents ’32 Kings Rd.’

The League Ambassadors
“Life-long friends focused on developing global fanatics of popular american sports”
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The League Ambassadors Presents ‘32 Kings Rd.’

Los Angeles, California (August 11, 2016) – The League Ambassadors in conjunction with The Network Studios presents an American Football Vodcast called ‘32 Kings Rd.’

The premise for this show is to provide football edutainment from the fan’s perspective and is unique in that it is a cast composed of 7 life-long friends. “We are brothers in both the familial and fraternal sense”, said Kenyon Ates, co-developer of 32 Kings Rd.  

Another interesting wrinkle about the show is that although it is being presented as a Vodcast that can be seen anywhere in the World, these American football fans will produce a show that is going to be tailored towards the burgeoning UK American football audience.  Part of their Mission Statement reads,  “The League Ambassadors are forward thinking. Sports in America is everything, this reality is both good and bad. As our World becomes smaller, The League Ambassadors see an opportunity to highlight the good part of that reality. The National Football League, National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball, have been on a quest to grow their sports from American phenomenons into global powerhouses. We’ve elected to be on the forefront of that expansion by delivering content that will prepare you, our representatives for the inevitable.”

The weekly live stream of 32 Kings Rd. will begin on Sunday, August 21st,  2016 at 10am. They are slated to record 23 episodes of NFL history, hot topics and homeboy hilarity. For more information visit The League Ambassadors website,