Hub City Humble

Kendrick Lamar wrote “When the sun fall out the sky, All I have is me in the land of do or die. A freeway, a gas pedal, and a peace of mind…Now, that’s the ultimate high.”

The high points of life can Humble you or Harm you. This case holds true for Dayna Mitchell’s Son. He walked the halls of Long Beach Jordan High School, went up the road to the State of Washington and now in a matter a weeks, he will hear his name called at The 2017 NFL Draft.

John Ross III is a BEAST and a product of my home, Compton California.

His stats tell it all…. 5″10….188….ran a 4.22 second 40-yard dash, breaking the previous record of 4.24 seconds held by Rondel Menendez and Chris Johnson and still makes time for his family and friends. He has been compared to the likes of another Compton product, Desean Jackson and when asked if he could race anybody in history, he declared it would be Deion Sanders.

I know that on April 27th , John’s name will be called. At that moment all of his hard work and humility of spirit will be paid off.

Hub City Humble .


-Football Diva